Termite Inspections

With over 40 years of experience, Kooringal Pest Control has inspected tens of thousands of homes throughout Wagga and the surrounding area.

We offer a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Package for new home buyers, which advises you on your prospective property’s likelihood of a termite infestation. We understand that you are considering one of your biggest investment decisions and we care to assist you in making an informed decision.

The process begins with a professional assessment, in accordance to Australian industry standards, and includes;

  • A thorough inspection of areas where accessible;

Roof void
Subfloor area’s, unless the building is on concrete slab.
Internal timbers: skirting boards, door and window frames.
External timbers: up to 50 metres or to the boundaries of the property.
Fences, garden landscape timbers, retaining walls.
Suspect trees & stumps.

  • A detailed report compiled by our accredited technicians on all indicators that are prone to termite infestation, ranging from moisture levels, to timber damage. We will then provide you with all of the details and suggested remedies to assist you in your decision.

Purchasing a property with a termite infestation can be costly to the unexpected, so CALL Glenn Lawson today 0412 574 100. We can answer any questions and guide you through what to do next.


Who needs the Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Package?

Anyone looking to buy a new property. No matter what type of property, it is essential to be informed about the potential problems that may arise. The current owners are not obliged to disclose if there is a pest problem but at Kooringal Pest Control our team of accredited technicians will professionally analyse the property for you.


Why Should I book a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Package?

To give you, as a new-home owner, the peace of mind that you are choosing a safe and healthy environment for your family. There is enough to worry about and we care to assist you by ensuring there are no unexpected costs in terms of treatment and rectification works.


Why Choose Kooringal Pest Control?

We offer a comprehensive service at competitive prices. Utilising the latest in pest detection technology, our team of accredited technicians are waiting to help you. To organise your pest inspection CALL Glenn Lawson today 0412 574 100.