Do You Have A Termite Control Problem/Damage? Signs include;

Paint that is either cracked, or appears to be bubbling up from the wall

Strange signs of mud around plasterwork

If your skirting boards are easily dinted when cleaning or vacuuming

Discarded wings found about your home


What To Do If You Suspect A Termite Control Problem/Damage;

Do not spray or otherwise disturb the termites in any way. If they are disturbed, the termites will move to another area of your home.

Call CALL Glenn Lawson immediately 0412 574 100 to arrange a Termite Inspection.


What To Expect With A Professional Termite Inspection From Kooringal Pest Control;

The process begins with a thorough assessment, in accordance to Australian industry standards, and includes areas where accessible;

Roof void
Subfloor area’s, unless the building is on concrete slab.
Internal timbers: skirting boards, door and window frames.
External timbers: up to 50 metres or to the boundaries of the property.
Fences, garden landscape timbers, retaining walls.
Suspect trees & stumps.

We will determine the extent of your termite problem and start a Treatment designed specifically for your situation.

At Kooringal Pest Control we will also work with you to protect you from future termite attacks. In conjunction with some simple steps at home which can minimise the risk of an infestation, our Termite Barriers have been designed and constructed in Australia and are renowned to be the ultimate protection against termite attack.