Termite Treatments

Kooringal Pest Control has over 40 years experience in treating termite infestations throughout the Wagga region. Our team of skilled termite control technicians are fully trained and extremely knowledgeable about termite species, their habits and breeding areas.

If you discover termites in your home, we will work with you to determine the best course of action to treat for your situation. We will not only treat the current infestation, but will ensure your are protected from further termite attack.


Signs Of A Termite Control Problem/Damage

Paint that is either cracked, or appears to be bubbling up from the wall

Strange signs of mud around plasterwork

If your skirting boards are easily dinted when cleaning or vacuuming

Discarded wings found about your home


What To Do If You Suspect A Termite Control Problem/Damage

Do not spray or otherwise disturb the termites in any way. If they are disturbed, the termites will move to another area of your home.

Call Kooringal Pest Control immediately 0412574100 to arrange a Termite Inspection.