Termite Barriers

Our quality Termite Barriers have a proven 50 year durability.

In Australia, subterranean termites are one of the most significant threats to homes. They are the most commonly seen form of wood pest infestations and cause millions of dollars of damage around the country each year.

The Protectant™ Termite Barrier Systems Group has been designed and constructed in Australia and are renowned to be the ultimate protection against subterranean termite attack. Not only do our termite barriers provide a physical barrier against termite entry, they are constructed with a bonded termiticide which both repels and kills termites.

Our termite barriers are not affected by water or moisture and do not leach away into the soil. So unlike a traditional chemical termite barrier, they do not require periodic re-treatments.

These termite barriers can save many thousands of dollars in termite treatment and repair costs. That’s why it pays to choose the ultimate termite barrier system available to give your most valuable asset the highest level of complete termite protection available.


Who needs the The Protectant™ Termite Barrier?

Anyone looking to protect their home. Our barriers will give your home the ultimate security against termites without flooding the soil under and around your home with chemicals. The Protectant™ Termite Barrier is perfectly suited to your home as it is designed and made in Australia, for Australians.


Why Should I book a The Protectant™ Termite Barrier?

These termite barriers can save many thousands of dollars in termite treatment and repair costs. They have been expansively tested over many years and come with 15 years warranty.


Why Choose Kooringal Pest Control?

We offer a comprehensive service at competitive prices. Utilising the latest technology and products, our team of accredited technicians are waiting to help you. To organise your The Protectant™ Termite Barrier CALL Glenn Lawson today 0412 574 100